CacheGuard Web Interface

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CacheGuard Web Interface

Post by tareket » 09 Feb 2018 16:48

dear team,

howa can i access to cacheguard web interface.


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Re: CacheGuard Web Interface

Post by david » 14 Feb 2018 07:59


Sorry for the delayed response.

If you have just installed your CacheGuard appliance the Web GUI is then accessible at https://<internal-ip>:8090 where internal-ip is the internal interface IP address of your CacheGuard appliance. However if you have modified the IP configuration, the administration port number, the administration topology or the administration IP access list of your CacheGuard appliance, the above URL can not be accessible.

Below some examples of configuration modification that can avoid you having an authorised access to the Web GUI:

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ip internal
port wadmin 9090
admin topology internal off
access admin del
Best Regards,
David Jan
CacheGuard Technical Team

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