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Use as a proxy

Posted: 09 Aug 2018 08:12
by Douglas
Hi Charles & David
I have a temporary need for a proxy web server. Currently my PCs reach the internet through the internal IP of CacheGuard being their IPv4 Default Gateway. What do I do to change this to enable a proxy, as I have some internal software to test is properly configured to use a proxy?

Re: Use as a proxy

Posted: 09 Aug 2018 09:50
by david

CG's forwarding proxy is always activated and you can't deactivate it. By default CG acts as a transparent proxy (Web traffic are transparently intercepted by CG). However you can use CG as an explicit proxy by configuring your Web browsers or other Web clients/applications to use CG as a Web proxy.

Usually under Windows-OS Web applications use IE's proxy configuration. Please refer to your application documentation to learn how to connect to the Web via a Web proxy.

CG forwarding Web proxy listens on CG's internal IP and the port 8080. The port 8080 is the default forwarding port but can be modified with the command port (see

Best Regards,

Re: Use as a proxy

Posted: 09 Aug 2018 11:24
by Douglas
That simple. Thanks