Proxy Pass Functionality

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Proxy Pass Functionality

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I'm looking for some Kind of proxy_pass configuration, as example I have only one external URL, but do have multiple subsites. I like to "Forward" those subsites to different internal URLs: -> -> ->

is there any way doing this with cahcheguard?

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Re: Proxy Pass Functionality

Post by david » 22 Aug 2016 08:14

Dear Fredy

CacheGuard does not support the configuration you requested because such a configuration requires that Web applications be written in respect of some constraints (usage of relative links for instance).

Please keep in mind that CG is a generic reverse proxy with some constraints that help avoiding complex issues while remaining compatible with all Web application servers and specific applications.

I suggest that you use the following configuration instead (if possible): -> <ip-address-1> -> <ip-address-2> -> <ip-address-3>

Where <ip-address-?> could be real or virtual IP addresses on the backend Web servers. Then you can use virtual hosts on backend Web servers to get the required configuration.

Best Regards,
David Jan
CacheGuard Technical Team

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